Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yippee -- I passed!!!!!

Today I became a certified as a Clinical Exercise Specialist through American College of Sports Medicine -- what a relief! Thank you everyone for all of your help, especially Mike and our moms, and Aunt Maribeth, and to the girls for their patience :) Never again will Carla have to worry about "Mommy's cards" (flash cards) and Anna is excited because "Now Mommy can play with us more!" (so sad about the last few weeks, and happy about from now on!) We had a fun evening celebrating out in the sun playing in the water.

We sure are having amazing spring weather!!!

Here is the result of Anna having some photo-editing fun!


The Laws said...

Sounds like Congrats are in order! Well Done!

The Fiscus Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew you could do it :) I'm glad the emotions of the day finally evened themselves out.....looks like you had a fun celebration with the kids!

Way to go, Smartie :)