Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playdate with the Beers

Or as Anna says "playday"! It was a big day for Anna, as she got to "have a friend over" (without Evan's mom here at the house). They were so cute, just playing and playing so nicely. Evan's mom says he has a big crush on Anna...ssssh. Maybe the feeling is mutual: just now Anna said "I like to see him in those glasses; he looks sooooooo pretty with them on!"

Then it was time to relax - Anna conked out at 5pm with Daddy (only to wake up at 9pm from a 4 hr nap!) and Carla and Ben were snuggling as usual - I think Ben likes it!

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The Fiscus Family said...

This is the day you told me about, right? They look SO entertained w/ each other....have you done it again yet? An added bonus that they napped so much afterwards :)