Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harlan Abigail Laux

Harlan and Benjamin sitting in a tree...
Maybe someday they will...
Baby Harlan Abigail is just gorgeous! What a sweetheart! ...didn't bring the camera to the hospital, so now we can finally show her off :) Carla is always naming her babies "Baby Harlan" when they aren't "Baby Lyla". The other day we saw a cute, fancy, little dress, and Anna, knowing it was too small for her, suggested we buy it for Carla, when I said it was too small, she said then for Lyla, and when it was too small for her ... you guessed it, she wanted us to get it for Harlan! Harlan is beautiful, and so happy, and though she was a little peanut when she was born, she is growing like a weed! We love you Baby Harlan!

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