Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Memories 2011 (Part 5)


What an awesome year it was!  The whole class got along so beautifully :)

Reading the bible together -- we'll show them this in high school!

Fun in UB's lake!!

Carla and the boys :)

Grandma M and Nancy :)

Grandma J and her girls :)

Fun in the sun at Kim's!

Look at that lounging boy!

Me and Kim, my running buddy :)
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May Memories 2011 (Part 4)

Children's Museum, motherly Carla.

Ben welcoming the elephants BACK!

Grossner and Schaffer girls :)

Carla is part monkey I think :)

Taking the tram!

Carla and Andrea!

Nicholas' graduation from John Carroll!

This usher took Ben all the way up to the altar at the front of the huge gymnasium for Baccalaureate Mass -- He wanted to bring up "a gift"!

Tanya's BOOK!  I was so excited to see it displayed in the front of the bookstore!

Pre-graduation party!  The little ones playing some billiards!

Beautiful Lyla, what a doll!

So nice to see Uncle Michael and Aunt Ashley!

Buds :)  Nick was thrilled to have Bob around for everything!!

Can you spot him in the middle!

This was one HOT May day!!

My sunshiney helper!!
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May Memories 2011 (Part 3)

I LOVE this pic :)

Even though the thought of all this broken glass on this hard floor was horrifying,
I still took a pic -- it's a pretty cool tower!

Ben's first hair cut!  He AND Mike did great!!

Fiscus family visit -- we went to the History Museum!

Ty and Carla excavating.

Little Luke -- getting big!

Jenny loves babies!

AND they LOVE her!

The Annas!

Fiscus girls!

Emma Grace...are these kids a dream to photograph or what?!

Grossner and Fiscus girls :)

The whole gang! (besides the photographer, of course) 

Still going strong AFTER a day at the museum!

My baby boy is getting big! -- going to signing class!
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