Sunday, September 03, 2006

A busy, busy day in Cleveland

Let's see. First Gramma gave me a bath in the sink. I had fun splashing around! Then I met "Aunt" Sara and "Uncle" Dan's dog, Max, who wasn't much bigger than me, but next time I see him, he will be almost as big as Mom! Then Gramma and Pas took me to Aunt Ali and Uncle Bob's 50th wedding anniversary party while Mom and Dad ran in the Metroparks with Sara and Dan. Then Grandpa Nardi came to visit. Mrs. Hagan came too, and I was giggling up a storm in her lap. I was also playing on Uncle Nicholas' stomach. The next morning, Gramma was playing with me too with her fun marionette doll and Grandma J gave me another bath in her sink...maybe we'll do that when we get home too!

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