Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We all had a wonderful time in Ohio for Thanksgiving! We just wanted to say that Anna is doing fantastic! She is really being cute these last few days, all bright and shiny! She is loving looking at her books, with us, and on her own! She is doing lots of rocking back and forth on her knees, side to side rocking to music in her exersaucer, and making lots of this funny huffing sound that she seems to do when she gets excited. Last night, she was so cute curiously looking for Mike behind the computer monitor, sort of peek-a-boo-like. She was being very noisy in mass this morning, and one couple was saying that she was just letting everyone know that she is back from Ohio! She is also eating so well; she seems to open up and take bites now...I'm not sure how it's different from before, it just seems like she is more actively involved when we feed her, rather than us just spooning it in. Maybe it's that teeny-tiny tooth that has popped through! Anyway, that's all for now...our card reader is out of commision - so sorry, no photos or videos!

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