Sunday, July 29, 2007


Mommy thought she'd be waiting until we were settled in Ohio before adding anything to this blog, but it seems that Mommy was a bit lax in her photo-taking while we were all away for 5 weeks, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get up-to-date. We are moving to Ohio in 2 weeks! We are moving into a house, with a yard and a garage! We're all thrilled and having fun packing, packing, packing.

Here is a little trick-shot of me and Ella, my friend in Pennsylvania. Ella has a new little brother, Ty, who is probably as old today as Ella and I were in the photo! Our homes are far away (closer soon!), but our hearts are and will always be close!

More photos, stories, and maybe videos (those may come later) to follow!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! Gosh, I almost forgot about that....they sure have grown, but they still look so much the same! Thank you!!!! Hope the move goes smoothly...we'll talk soon!
Love and miss ya,