Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We milked a cow!

Today we went to hear the baby's heartbeat and everything looks (and sounds) great! Then we met Maddie and Mischelle at Lake Farmpark and the girls (and I) got to milk a cow! We also petted lots of "amimals" and took a wagon ride pulled by big 2 large brown beautiful horses. It was a great day and I'll just to add a potty tid-bit (since I have pottying constantly on the brain). Anna asked during dinner for Marvin K. Mooney (a Dr Seuss book) which we've figured out is code for the need to go poop, since that is one of the books we always read when she is doing her business, and sure enough she did! She is doing so well :) We went to the zoo on Monday, so I'll get some pictures of all of our adventures up here soon. Oh, and please take a look below at the mid-April pictures, and a few before the "new video" too (I added some tonight after Daddy Compu-Doc fixed our computer - I was unable to upload for a few days).

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