Saturday, April 18, 2009

NY - Day 2

First we visited Nana Joan, our old (as in previous, rather than age!, though we do call her "Nana") neighbor for lunch. Then we stopped back to the hotel for another swim. Then it was up to Skidmore to visit with Aunt Debbie. The main event - the Skidmore Women's Soccer Alumni Game - the current team won, but the retirees are getting close to a win! Somehow no photos! Then it was a much better night of sleep for everyone - Mike went to bed with the girls before 8! I had a fun night celebrating my friend Sarah's (who I used to coach with) soon-to-be baby girl! I also had fun catching up with all the girls - who are all grown up and are in or heading into the real world!

PS: I tried and tried unsuccessfully to make the the picture with lots of people biggest, oh well.

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