Saturday, September 26, 2009

The big day!

It was a great day for a race! The rain held out (mostly, the downpour anyway) until after the race! Jenny and I got to run the Akron Marathon race together! A dream come true! I was excited to qualify finally for Boston and Jenny had an AMAZING marathon debut!

Notice the middle-of-the-night lighting in the first few photos! Today was one of the first times Anna and Carla were holding hands, so cute! Also, note Carla coloring! She's getting so big! Anna and Carla had a ball with Jenny's whole cheering squad who wore awesome "RUN JEN RUN" t-shirts! Thanks for the support gang! AND thank you Jenny for an amazing summer/fall of training with you! Thanks too for the photos of us -- I can't believe I didn't get one! Thank goodness you did!

Dinner together was fun and hot tub recovery felt pretty amazing (also missing photos)! What a great day!

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The Fiscus Family said...

What a big day it was!!!!! Really, so much fun to do the whole thing with you, from training to (most of) the race itself to post-race recovery (I do have pics of that...have to get you those too)!!!!!! Hope the next time we do it, it's in Boston :) :) :) Thanks for everything!!!!