Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The panty snatcher!

Anna always takes off all of her bottoms when she goes potty. Carla is always hanging around, and she is also always grabbing Anna's panties (hence the name "Panty Snatcher"). Today, Carla decided they would make a nice hat! Anyway, I quickly took a few pics, and then couldn't pick a fav, so I made this. Enjoy!

PS- A month later, Carla began wearing big girl panties of her own, and guess what?! No more panty snatching...maybe she was trying to tell us something!

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The Fiscus Family said...

That's hilarious (& yes, a risky post for you too!)!!!! So enjoyed the one of Anna about to kiss the panty snatcher :)

Absolutely amazed that she's potty trained!!!!