Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowed in (sort of :)

Anna and Carla decided to set up shop right here by the front door. All the bedroom toys (baby bed, high chair, etc) came down, mostly by Anna, to make a "baby house". Carla was mostly playing "baby" and Anna was caring for her, getting her milk, reading her stories, etc, all while she was tucked in to the doll bed! It was very cute. Carla is quite obedient to Anna, and Anna (when playing Mommy) is surprisingly calm with Carla. Anna's new line to Mommy is "Just relax Mom, be calm, ok???? and then I'll do what you say." What?! It's very entertaining really, and actually does, believe it or not, calm me down!

More playing when Papa came home. The girls like to bring lots of toys into the kitchen to play...often Anna says because there is no room in the play room (on account of messiness)! On the bright side, Anna has really been good at cleaning her toys lately, very exciting for Mommy!

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