Friday, March 05, 2010

Our Dark-Eyed Visitor :)

"Coon, coon, coon, touch, touch, touch!" squealed Carla! What a funny surprise! I think this guy knew that we were having a rough afternoon and wanted to cheer us up, especially since Papa is coming home later than expected! Poor Mike is driving from Detroit now, after being stuck there all day thinking he would be flying out soon! At least he can sleep in his (our) own bed tonight!

PS- right after I posted this originally, we saw our friend again. This time he was up against our family room window!!! Yeah, he was crawling around between our window and a three foot mound of snow! Wild! Before the girls had been saying they wanted to touch it, and then Anna had her hands right against the window where the raccoon was! Here is a blurry photo hardly worth posting, but yikes!:

Good night! Girls are asleep and Hubby should be home momentarily!

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