Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tough luck

Today it was 88 or 90! Nice day for a visit to the pool. We decided to venture through our newly discovered shortcut. So hot, I took off my shirt, before we were even off my street, still wearing pants (not smart!) but only my swimsuit on top (red with white polka dots - Thanks Jen and Bon!). Daring considering Ben is still very young (aka my body isn't looking quite so young). Only to find, when the pool was in sight, that it was clearly deserted, not opening until tomorrow afternoon! Oooops! It was hard to hide my own disappointment, but the poor girls trudged on, walking over a mile in this crazy heat, each step, all of us gulping down water and dreaming of the sprinkler:) There is a park just past the pool by the way, which Anna thought of spending one minute at before heading home to the cool refreshing spray, but then passed, deciding to turn around immediately (first time ever for Anna to decide against any playground, and when it was sooo close too!)In the end, the girls really enjoyed playing in the yard with sand and water, and as you can see, our little nature hike too :)

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