Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We just love Ben's new pool from Mischelle and the Goldners! Makes me remember how Billy always got all the fun "summer" presents with his June birthday, and we all got to enjoy! Well, it's a great pool - I can even leisurely fit in there! Aubrey and Dane came and swam with us so nicely, though I got out the camera too late and missed it! At least Dane is in one photo :) We swam twice today, once while Carla was taking an early nap, then again when she woke up. That's when we got the slide idea - so fun!

PS- the early nap happened b/c when I got her from her room after a 5-min break for hitting Anna, she was asleep! If you don't know, Carla has been getting up, usually before 5am!, for the last 2 months! Yikes! Thank you to Mike for always getting up with her!

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